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I don’t think I’d ever felt so ill. 
I didn’t even have the energy to feel ill. I was so tired, so lethargic, as if it had over taken my whole body like fog. I’d lost count at the amount of times I had been sick. My parents wanted me to try and get out of the house, to try and walk around.

On Monday, I woke up feeling a bit better but still a little fragile. My Mom came breezing in to the room and opened the curtains.

“I’m glad to see you’re up Kayla!” She said brightly.

“Barely,” I complained, rubbing my eyes at the bright light.

“Your friend’s coming to take you out today.” My Mom continued. “So take your time getting ready so you don’t tire yourself out before you even step out the door.”

“Yes captain.” I mumbled.

Channie came around midday with her hair looking wild as usual and wearing dungarees. Also as usual.

“Are you ready? We haven’t got much time.”

“Before what?” I asked, puzzled.

“Never mind that,” She dismissed, “Come on!”

Channie took me to the shopping centre saying she wanted to treat me to something.

“You know I’m not very good at fashion. And neither are you actually.” I laughed.

“Oi!” She nudged my arm. “I’ll have you know I am so fashionable I could design for Dior. I just don’t have the time.”

“Oh yeah because you have such a busy schedule.” I scoffed. We were walking around a shop on the ground floor of the shopping centre.

“Hey look at this Kayla.” Channie called from behind a rail. I moved over to see. In her hands she held the most gorgeous soft purple v neck jumper.

“Woah I take it back, you are very fashionable,” I whispered, taking the jumper into my hands. “I’m almost scared to look at the price tag.”

“Don’t worry it’s my treat.” She winked.


By the time we got home, I knew something was going on. Channie kept dashing around madly saying, “We’re running out of time,” and picking up accessories that would go with the jumper mumbling, “This seems right.”

I was baffled.

Finally we arrived home. Channie rushed me inside, past my parents and in to my room.

“Right let’s get ready!”

“For what?!” I asked, stunned. “Why has today been such a mad rush.” I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “You’re planning something.”

Channie bit her lip and looked side to side. I noticed her hands were twisting in her lap. Huh, definitely planning something.

“It’s a surprise okay!” She burst out, “Just get ready without any questions, please please please please?”

“Fine,” I sighed, “Fine.”

So I got ready. I had a big bubble bath with scented lotions and candles, which were so unnecessary but Channie wanted to do it. And then she made me sit down in a chair while she sorted out my hair.

“I love your hair,” She whined. “It’s so long.”

After I got dressed she applied light purple eye shadow to my lids and doused me in a couple of litres of perfume.

“There!” She stepped back satisfied. “Aw maknae you look so pretty!” She glanced at her watch and squealed.

“Oh no, they’ll be here any minute.”

“Who will be?”

“Sorry can’t stop maknae, have to go!” She came and gave me a big hug.

“I hope you have an amazing time,” She whispered in my ear. “You super deserve it.”


A few moments after she had gone, I finally found out the surprise.

The doorbell rang as I was sitting on my bed.

“It’s for you Kayla!” My Mom shouted.

Frowning, wondering who it could be at this time of the evening, I skipped down the stairs and opened the door.

My mouth fell open.

He was tall with creamy skin and wide brown eyes. His hair was thick and brown and he reached up to brush it out of his eyes. Then he smiled.

“Hey Kayla.”

Lee Min Ho. My crush. Standing on my doorstep. Wearing a black blazer jacket with one button buttoned together in the middle and a white t-shirt with black trousers. It showed his broad shoulders perfectly.

“Uh hey uhm.” I stuttered.

“So are you ready for your surprise?”


“Yeah, a date with me.” He grinned.


A date. An actual date.

“Did Channie put you up to this?” I asked as we walked down the street. He rolled his eyes.

“What? You think I can’t do this myself?”

I waited, an eyebrow raised.

“She didn’t!” he protested. “I asked her to help me plan the surprise. I’d heard you’d been feeling ill recently and I thought I could cheer you up.”

“So you’re taking me out on a date because you feel sorry for me because I’m ill,” I frowned.

Min Ho stopped walking in the street and turned me around by my shoulders to face him.

“I don’t go to the hospital to take patients out on dates just because they’re ill and I feel sorry for them do I?”

I shook my head quickly.

“So do you think I would take the trouble to do that for you?”

I shook my head again.

 He stared at me for a while before laughing softly and continuing to walk.

“So why are we going on a date then?” I asked hesitantly.

“Why do you think?” Min Ho replied, looking straight ahead.

I had a strong idea but it seemed too good to be true.

For a bit we walked in silence. The realization that I had no idea where were going slowly dawned upon me.

“Min Ho where are we going?”

“You love to ask questions don’t you.” He sighed, looking at me with an amused expression.

“Well it would be nice to know how long we’re going to walk for.” I folded my arms.

“It’s not long now.” He smiled. Reaching over, he slowly unfolded my arms and took one of my hands, holding it tight, linking his fingers through the spaces between mine. My eyes widened at the sudden contact. His hands were really soft and big.

“My hands were cold.” He said in a way of explanation.

“Oh,” I whispered. “Okay.”

The streets were quiet at this time of the evening. The street lights were on and the shops and buildings were lit up with bright neon lights. Up ahead a sudden noise broke out into the street as a group of people suddenly spilled out of a club. As we approached them, Min Ho put his arm around me and pulled me against him protectively as we passed the drunken people.

Oh my god this was too good to be true.

As we cleared the people, Min Ho took his arm off my shoulder but continued to hold my hand.

At the end of the street we rounded the corner and stepped through the gates into a park.

“A fair!” I gasped.

“You like them huh?” Min Ho said, squeezing my hand.

We walked slowly down the fair. The sounds and smells overpowering my senses a little until I felt a bit dizzy. Min Ho let go of my hand and hooked his around my waist instead.

“Don’t worry I’ve got you.”

I smiled at him.

“Thanks.” I said gratefully.

“So what do you want to do first?” He asked. “We haven’t got long because I promised your Mom I wouldn’t tire you out and make you ill.”

“But I want…” My voice trailed away. I wanted to stay out all night with him.

“Hey,” Min Ho said softly. “Don’t worry; we can do this again lots of times. Tonight doesn’t have to last forever when we have forever ahead of us.”

We decided to get something to eat first. Min Ho brought me one of those big red dummies.

“Because you act like a baby.”

And he got himself a sweetie sword.

“Because of course I am the king.”

After we’d eaten we played a few games. I was hopeless. We played the hook a duck game. There was only one duck out of the whole pond that had a ‘no prize’ sticker on the bottom, so you were kind of guaranteed to win.

Yeah, not me.

Min Ho laughed for ages when I hooked the no prize duck.

“It’s not funny!” I slapped his arm.

“Come on, you know it’s funny.” He panted, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. “64 ducks in the pond and you hook the no prize one.”

“It’s just my luck.” I sighed. Min Ho straightened up and grabbed my hand.

“Come on,”

He pulled me towards another game. One where you have to slame the hammer down on the button and raise the bar to the top to win a prize.

“I can’t do this,” I said frankly. “I’ll barely be able to lift the hammer.”

“That’s why Im going to do it silly.” Min Ho smiled, taking of his jacket and passing it to me. He paid the attendant and picked up the hammer.

He pulled it back over his shoulder and slammed it down. I enjoyed watching his muscles flex with the effort.

The little red bar shot up to the top and the bell sounded.

“Congratulations!” The attended cried. “Pick your prize!”

Min Ho turned to me, grinning brightly and dashing his hair out of his eyes.

“Pick one Kayla!”

“Me? You won it for me?” I said in shock.

“Well I certainly don’t sleep with a teddy bear anymore.” Min Ho laughed. I turned to the prizes and picked out a huge teddy bear with a big red bow on it. I cuddled him close, enjoying his soft fur.

“Thanks Min Ho,” I smiled behind the teddy bears fur.

“You’re welcome silly,” He said, taking my hand and swinging it between us.

We walked slowly down the fair. It was one of the happiest nights of my life, so surreal. The bright colours flashed by like the time and before I knew it, Min Ho was saying,

“One last ride.”

I pointed at the carousel and we walked over.

Couples can ride together or singly, read a sign on one of the poles.

“Looks like we’ll be riding together.” Min Ho said, tugging me to one of the horses.

I get up first and sat at the front, hooking my arms around the horse’s neck. I put the teddy bear in front of me. Minho slid behind me and put his arms around my waist, pulling me back so I settled against his chest.

“Are you comfortable?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and sighed in content.

I must have been like some sort of hero in my past life to deserve this night. I felt so protected with his strong arms either side of me.

The ride started up, the music old and traditional, blaring out of the tiny speakers on the ceiling.

“I love horses you know.” I said.

“I know.” I felt his voice rumbling in his chest.

“How did you know?”

He laughed that soft laugh again.

“You’re not invisible to me Kayla, I see you all the time.” He bent forward and rested his chin on my shoulder.

And then I said it, as naturally as if I’d asked him the time.

“I have a huge crush on you Min Ho.”

And I felt him laugh again, his body gently shaking against me. He ducked his head to deliver a gentle kiss to my neck, his lips soft and warm and lingering, I felt the kiss for days afterwards.

“I know you do silly,” He smiled. “I know.”


Min Ho dropped me to my doorstep. Like a true gentleman I observed.

“I had a wonderful time.” I said self consciously, hoping this didn’t sound like some cheesy movie.

“You sounded like a character out of cheesy movie.” Min Ho laughed.

Oh great.

I laughed too and then said good night. I turned to put my key in the lock.

“Wait.” He said softly. I froze as if his voice had the power to just turn off any movements I made in my body. He pulled my arm so I turned around.

His eyes were bright and shining. He cupped my cheeks in between both of his hands and bent his head.

“If you want this to be a cheesy movie,” He murmured. “Then we have to give it the finale.”

He kissed me. Softly, gently, sweetly. It felt like tasting champagne for the first time, delicious. He coaxed my lips open with his as he turned his head to the side, angling the kiss. I felt his tongue gently licking against my lips. I put my arms around his neck and committed every single sensation and feeling to memory.

Finally he broke away and looked into my eyes, a wide smile breaking out on to his face. He carefully kissed my nose and then my forehead.

“I don’t have a crush on you.” He said. “I’m in love with you. So how about you forget having a crush and be in love with me too?” 


Hope you enjoyed it, Admin J <3

Oh bloody hell.

Oh why me.

Today has not been going my way at all.

I just can’t seem to do anything right, or straight forward, everything get’s bent out of shape like some sort of bendy ruler.

First of all I nearly missed my flight. My Mother just wouldn’t let go of me.

“Caroline darling do you have to go,” She sobbed, clinging to my shoulders.

“Yes Mom,” I said, patting her back with one hand and staring at my watch.

“But you’ve been out there for a while; surely it’s time to come home now?” She looked up at me with tearful eyes and I honestly felt bad. I took her in my arms and rubbed her back.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back before you know it. You know that’s where my life is now, I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said, sniffing hard and tucking my hair behind my ear. She lifted my chin and looked in my face. “You’re so beautiful darling.”

“Thanks Mom.” I smiled, feeling the back of my throat getting scratchy.

“Go on,” She handed me my bag and gently pushed me. “Or you’ll start me off again.”

I nodded and sniffed back my tears. Taking my bag, I walked over to the gate. Before entering, I turned back and gave her one last wave. She waved back, clutching her handkerchief and smiling through the tears.


And then on the flight, this old man had the audacity to sleep on my shoulder. He didn’t even do it accidently. As soon as we took our places on the plane, he deliberately put his head on my shoulder, snuggling up to my neck to get comfortable.

All I could do was stare at the top of his head in absolute shock. I tried to poke him awake but he wouldn’t move. So I had to force his head on to the other side, to rest on the window, but after a few minutes his head landed on my shoulder again with the force of a small bomb. I was definitely going to have a bruise.

Behind me there was someone being sick into a plastic bag and moaning and wailing about how we were all going to die and how it was a known fact that turbulence could give you a brain tumour.

“How can it?” Said his companion. “All turbulence does is shake you about.”

“Don’t ask me how!” Cried the sick person, “I’d rather not know the finer details of the fact.”

Well wherever he had got that fact from was not a reliable source.

I decided to listen to music to block out all the talk. I pulled my head phones out of my pocket.

“No,” I whispered in absolute horror. “No!”

One of the cords had completely broken. It must have got tangled around something. That meant I had to survive the whole flight with no music, my other headphones were in my suitcase, which was evidently not to hand.

“Oh my God why me,” I wailed into my hands as the sick person retched again.


After a hell of a long flight, we finally made a landing in Incheon International Airport. I’d never been so happy to get off a plane in my life; I’d started to develop a severe dislike of people.

I sighed and hoisted my bag higher on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but smile. I was back in South Korea, I was back at home. I’d been absolutely wonderful going to see my family but I was happy to be back here, ready to start the New Year.

I made my way through security, and over to baggage collection. It was empty and people were starting to gather.

I made my way to the end and stood waiting. After a few moments, the baggage started to trundle out.

“That’s probably not the best place to stand.” Said a voice behind me.

I spun round to face the speaker.

“What do you mean?” I said, trying to keep my voice sane when my body was going insane at how he looked. Tall, dark wavy hair, wide deep eyes like conkers after the rain, dressed impeccably in a white shirt, first two buttons undone, and jeans. He was, as they say, hot.

“Well if you stand right at the end then you might not be able to take it off at the right time and then you’ll have to wait for it to go around again.”

“Oh,” I bit my lip. “Well then why are you standing here?”

“Because I’ll be able to take my bag off on time without causing a traffic jam of luggage.”

I folded my arms and frowned.

“What’s that supposed to mean.”

“Look around you, there’s only men standing at this point because we can handle it.”

Sexist little-

“I assure you I can handle it,” I said firmly, “Thanks for your concern.”

He raised an eyebrow and looked at me. He let out a laugh. But not a typical laugh, like a ‘hahaha I find you funny’ one, it was a ‘ha, that was vaguely entertaining.’ It’s not nice to be laughed at like that. But it sounded sexy, I have to admit it.

I turned back around and spotted my suitcase. I got ready to take it off the conveyor.

Everything was going fine, I had the suitcase half off, I was getting ready to turn around and gloat in the man’s face.

And then it got stuck.

One of the wheels got hooked on to the suit, jamming the suitcase in it’s place. But it was still moving along the conveyor so right at the end, when it was supposed to disappear through the flap gate, it stayed there. All the other suitcases bunched up against mine, causing a pile up.

I was pulling and heaving and pulling with such desperation I nearly dislocated both shoulders. The man behind me was openly laughing now and I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. People were using my disadvantage as an advantage to calmly take off their suitcases, as I had effectively jammed the conveyor and stopped it moving.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to do, and no one was offering to help me. My arms were aching from trying to force it off the conveyor belt

“Let me take it off,” Said the man.

“No!” I said sharply. I had to keep my pride intact. “Not after you’ve spent ages laughing at me.”

“You’ll never get it off there,” He said, coming up behind me.

“I will,” I grunted, “even if it’s the last thing I do.”

The man leaned over to try and take the suitcase but I wrenched it away from his grasp, freeing my suitcase in the process. The momentum kept me spinning around and my suitcase went whack into the man’s leg.

Oh no.

Oh dear God.

The man immediately bent down, drawing his knee up to his chest as he hopped around in pain.

“Oops,” I winced.

“Oops?” The man gasped. “You’ve practically crippled me!”

“Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” I protested, holding up my hands. “It was just a little tap.”

Just a little tap.”

“You seem to be able to move it,” I continued, “So it can’t be broken.”

“Well done Sherlock,” He replied through gritted teeth.

“I’m really sorry,” I said, lifting my suitcase on to my trolley. “It was honestly an accident. If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to…” my voice trailed away. Don’t hesitate to what? I couldn’t say ‘call me’, if I gave him my number he’d probably sue me.

“Don’t hesitate to pray for me.” I said quickly and quietly, wheeling my trolley away. I figured it was best to make an exit while he was still unable to walk.


I opened the door to my apartment and shut it behind me.

“I’m home!” I squealed happily, throwing myself on my bed. I looked at all the posters on my wall.

“Honey I’m home.” I said to the G-Dragon poster on my wall.

“Did you miss me?” I asked the NU’EST poster.


“I know I know I missed you too,” I replied happily.

I un-packed and made myself something to eat. Just as I was settling down on the sofa, the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I murmured to myself. I hadn’t let anyone know I was back yet.

I opened the door and there stood an ahjumma. She had the apartment opposite me. She was small and squat with black curly hair, wrinkles and glasses. Her eyes were dark and all seeing. I’m serious.

“Annyeong haseyo ahjumma,” I bowed low respectfully.

“Welcome back!” She smiled. She thrust a bowl out to me. “ I made you kimchi.”

“Ah that’s so nice of you thank you,” I took the bowl with both hands.

“So have you got a boyfriend?” She asked, not beating around the bush. I shook my head.

“Because I have this grandson…”

“I know ahjumma, you’ve said.”

“And he’s looking for a wife.”

“I’m not ready to get married yet.”

“Well maybe you’ll change your mind after some kimchi.” She grinned.

“Yes maybe ahjumma,” I laughed. Why, I wanted to ask, have you put chemicals that’ll hypnotise me in it?

We said goodbye and I shut the door. I was still laughing as I put the bowl on the kitchen work top.

There was another knock on the door. Oh my goodness was she back already?

I went to the door again and opened it.

It was not the ahjumma.

It was the man from the airport.

He grinned at my horrified expression, revealing white straight teeth.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered.

“You didn’t think you could just leave me like that at the airport and forget about it did you?” He smiled. “Well if you did then sorry, because I’m here to remind you.”

“I told you it was an accident!” I sighed. “What do you want me to do? I don’t have any money to give you or anything. All I have are my deepest apologies.” I put my hands on my chest and looked up imploringly. “I am deeply sorry.”

He scrunched up his mouth in thought.

“Nope not good enough.” He smiled, satisfied.

“Well for that I am sorry too but there’s nothing else I can do.” I said determinedly.

“There is actually,” He countered. “Which is why I am here.”

“What?” I said quickly. “What is it?”

“I need you to be my girl friend.”


I nearly passed out on the floor there and then.

“G-girl friend?” I stuttered.

He nodded happily. “I’m honoured and everything,” I managed to say, “But I don’t even know your name.”

I was honoured; he was practically a sex God asking me out. But it wasn’t right, what kind of relationship would it be we’d met like a couple of hours ago.

He gave one of those ‘ha’ laughs and smirked.

“I didn’t mean for real.”

I froze.


“I’m not asking you out for real,” He rolled his eyes, “It’s just for pretend. I need a partner for the evening at this social event and you seem like the perfect candidate and you owe me for bruising my leg.” He pouted. “I can’t wear shorts now.”

I had to laugh,

“Oh please, you can’t bruise that fast. And I thought you were a man, can’t you handle it?”

He puffed out his chest and leant against the wall.

“I am a man,” he winked, “Can’t you feel the manliness radiating from me.”

I shook my head.

“Nope all I can feel is your crazy idea. We’ve just met, I’ll never be able to convince people I’m your girlfriend. I don’t even know your name.”

“Lee Min Ho,” he said immediately, taking my hand and bowing over it. “And you are?”

“Caroline, but everyone calls me Carrie.”

“Carrie,” His tongue rolled around the ‘r’ deliciously. “It’s lovely to meet you.”

“And you,” I smiled. “Don’t you have any friends who are girls who you could ask. I think they’d be a better option than me.”

He put his hands in his pocket and looked down. When he looked back up, he was biting his lip and smiling softly.

“I don’t want them,” He said, “I want you.”


So I agreed to his crazy plan. We exchanged numbers and he planned to pick me up at half past seven.

It was so crazy, but it was also breathlessly exciting. I was practically going on a date with a really good looking man. I had to plan everything to perfection, everything had to be perfect.

It’s only pretending remember, said a voice in my head, but I banished it from my brain. I knew it was only pretending, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it right?

I made a last minute appointment at the hairdressers and picked out something to wear. Min Ho had said it was going to be rather posh, at a mansion with lots of grounds. I picked out a soft turquoise dress that gathered into a ruffled knot on my thigh, together with silver heels.

I whizzed off to the hairdressers and had my hair wash and blow dried and made wavy and soft.

Then I stopped by the store to pick up some make up because I was running out. Honest! It wasn’t so I could look my best for Min Ho or anything. I was going to be hanging around with posh people; I should try my best to look as decent as possible right? Make a good impression.

Make a lasting impression.

I got ready slowly, savouring the moment, playing music and day dreaming about how it was going to be. I looked in the mirror when I was ready. I’d applied make up subtly, accentuating the colour of my eyes and making my skin look fresher and not like I had just spent hours on a plane. My hair fell in soft shiny waves. I squirted my favourite perfume that I used for special occasions and deemed myself ready.

Right on time the doorbell rang. I did a little fan girl attack before composing myself and opening the door.

Min Ho looked up at me slowly and a soft smile came to his face. I saw his eyes widen slightly so I knew he was impressed.

“You look beautiful,” He smiled, bowing.

“And you’re looking rather handsome,” I said shyly. He was wearing a crisp black suit, a white shirt and a black tie. He looked like he had walked right out of an Armani catalogue. His hair was wavy and a gleaming dark brown.

“May I?” He said, holding out his hand. I graciously inclined my head and he took my hand. Inside my cells were screaming, it was just like a real date oh how was I going to handle the whole night.

We went down in the lift and out into the evening. The air was fresh. As soon as I saw his car I knew he was rich. It was shiny and the latest designer model. He opened the door for me and then went round and got in himself.

“Thanks for agreeing to this,” He said as we drove along the roads. “I really appreciate it.”

“It’s fine, I didn’t have anything planned anyway.” I replied. “Why is it so important?”

“Ah it’s a friend of my father.” Min Ho sighed. “My father wants to keep him in his good books for business. So he suggested I go and introduce myself. To help me gain contacts.”

“You don’t sound happy with the idea.” I observed.

“I don’t want to gain contacts, or a business.” He looked at me. “I’d like to be an actor. Don’t laugh.”

“I’m not laughing.” I said. Then added dryly. “I think you’d be a wonderful actor. You certainly acted well when you pretended you were hurt at the airport.”

“That really did hurt!” He laughed.

“Oh yeah? Well you seemed to be walking fine and you haven’t mentioned it since.”

“Fine, you caught me.” He grinned. “Happy now?”

“So I didn’t need to pay you back at all?” I grumbled.

He didn’t say anything for a while.

“I could take you back,” He said finally. “If you wanted me to. You’re right; you don’t have to do this.”

Something in his voice made me feel like he didn’t want me to say ‘yes, take me back.’

I didn’t want to say yes either.

“No,” I sighed, “I’m here anyway so I might as well follow it through.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” He glanced at me with a warm smile. “I’ll try my best to make sure you have a good time.”


We arrived just after eight o clock at the mansion. It was located among trees and rolling fields. The grounds were beautiful, there was a fountain spewing water at the front of the house. Guests were stood scattered along the drive away and wondering around on the grass.

On the way here, Min Ho had taught me the answers to questions people might ask. He was currently working with his father in the sales department of their business, owning lots of restaurants. We’d been together for a year apparently and we met through one of his Mother’s friends.

I was still nervous. What if someone asked me a question that I had no idea about and blew the whole thing?

“You seem nervous, don’t be.” Min Ho said reassuringly. “All you have to do is act in love with me, which shouldn’t be too hard huh?”

“Are you always this conceited?” I nudged his arm as we were walking up.

“No but I can be if you want,” He winked as we entered the house.

Everyone seemed to be gathered in the foyer. Husband and wives stood close together conversing with important people as waiters slid smoothly between the gaps, offering food and drinks. Min Ho took two glasses of champagne from a passing tray and handed one to me.

“Lee Min Ho,” Boomed a loud voice. A stout man with red cheeks came towards us. Min Ho unhooked his arms from mine so he could bow. I followed suit.

They made boring conversation about stock markets.  I looked around at the glittering chandeliers, the pearls nestled in the rich women’s’ ears. They all looked so elegant, like they knew what they were doing.

“This is my girlfriend Caroline,” The mention of my name brought me back to the conversation. I bowed again.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Said the man. They chatted some more before the man wafted away.

“Well that was boring.” Min Ho yawned.

“Finally something we agree on,” I murmured, smiling at the passing couples.

“Don’t worry we won’t stay long.” He laughed quietly.

The rest of the evening followed in a similar fashion. Min Ho introduced me to people I would probably never meet again and then they proceeded to talk for ages about business, which may I tell you is the most tedious subject when it is repeated again and again.

I also noticed the women weren’t giving me friendly looks. I saw them muttering to each other and casting me withering glares. I tried not to look around too often after that.

Min Ho and I finally managed to sit down on a bench outside. A breeze wafted by and ruffled Min Ho’s hair. I looked at the darkness that had become the trees and grass.

“I never even thought to ask,” He said. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I shook my head.

“If I did I assure you I wouldn’t be doing this my friend.”

He laughed softly again and tapped his fingers against each other.

“I feel like such a fraud.” He sighed, sitting back.

You feel like a fraud.”

He laughed louder then.

“Yeah I do,” He gestured around at the home, the grounds, the people. “I can’t relate to these people, I can’t act like they do. I can’t just think about money. I mean yeah it is nice to have it but it can just buy you stuff. Aish I’m not even make sense and you probably don’t want to hear this.”

“No I do actually,” I said genuinely, “Carry on.”

One of the corners of his lips tugged into a smile.

“Well I guess I just want to be something. Just like everyone in the world. I’ve always loved acting you know and sometimes…sometimes I wish I was just a normal average person who didn’t have things to live up too. My father so wants me to take over the business, I think he’d die on the spot if I told him my dreams.”

“Well if it’s what you want to do, you should definitely tell him. I mean, it’s your life. You don’t want to get old and look back on it with regrets and things you’d wished you’d done.” I shrugged. He nodded.

“You’re right. I just wish I had the guts to tell him, tell everyone. I’m so scared of disappointing everyone, especially my Mom. I love her, I really do, I want her to be proud of me, of them both to be proud of me…”

He continued to talk, pouring out all his troubles like water. Ha, I wished I was a filter, that as he spoke to me, I gently cleaned all his troubles away and gave back his words, now free of problems. I could see how much he wanted to act, he was so passionate about it.

“Beautiful,” I whispered aloud. I hadn’t meant to say it and it stopped Min Ho right in the middle of his talking. He looked at me, really looked at me. It gradually dawned on me how close we were, that he was actually there and that I was here, sitting beside him. This stranger who I had met by whacking him in the leg, by thinking he was a conceited little sexist twit, by thinking he was going to sue me. This stranger who had dreams but was too afraid to carry them out because the thought of disappointment kept him chained to what his parents wanted him to do. This stranger who was so damn beautiful.

Min Ho looked down and then looked up again. His eyes were so brown and shining up close. He reached over and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear before leaning in further and delivering a kiss on my cheek. I knew the exact coordinates, dimensions, location on my skin that he had kissed because it lingered afterwards. He drew his head back a bit, looking at my lips, his eyelashes long, before leaning in again, I closed my eyes in anticipation.

“Lee Min Ho!”




I opened my eyes and look at the intruder. He was another old man, probably come to talk about business. Stupid stupid fool could you not see what was going on? That was love in the making, that was about to have been a beautiful moment. I was almost ready to stand up and knock him to ground with my fist. Min Ho cast me a regretful glance before getting up and bowing to the old man. They wandered away a few yards.

I sighed. I wondered if that was it, that was my chance of a kiss blown for the whole night. If it was I swear I would hunt that old man down and scream in his face until he died. Maybe that was a bit harsh. Aish.

“Stupid foreigner tart has seduced him…”

“She’s probably in it for the money.”

I looked up in shock. They were talking about me, whispering and laughing to each other.  How could they assume that about me? I was devastated. I tried to ignore them but there whispering grew louder and cruller. Honestly, how immature were they? That was the sort of thing kids did.

When I could take no more, I stood up. Min Ho had appeared silently beside the girls and he listened to the things they were saying about me. For one fleeting moment I wondered if he would believe them. But I knew from his facial expression that he didn’t. He slowly turned his head to look at them, narrowing his eyes and silencing the girls.

“Would you care to say that again?” He said. His voice was calm but no one could mistake the threat.

The women bowed their heads and mumbled their apologies before shuffling away. I watched them walk away, tears gathering in my eyes. I wasn’t upset; I just wished they hadn’t automatically assumed that about me. It pointed out how much I really didn’t fit in with this type of society. I turned my face away so Min Ho wouldn’t see my blinking furiously to keep the tears away, but he walked around to stand in front of me.

“No,” He whispered. He cupped my face and used his thumb to wipe a stray tear away. “Don’t you cry, don’t let them get you down. Don’t you know how beautiful you are?”

I lift a hand to wipe my tears away, angry at myself for crying but he caught my hand.

“Can I do it?” He said quietly. Before I knew it, his lips were catching all of my tears, drying the wetness on my face. He did it so carefully and gently while his fingers stroked the side of my face. Finally his lips moved down, down and onto mine. I let my fingers play in his hair as he kissed me, his hands hooked around my waist. My heart was pounding. His lips slid to the corner of my mouth, which he pecked, before nibbling my bottom lip. He let one of his hands drift from my shoulder and down my arm as he turned his head, angling the kiss differently. His lips were deliciously soft and he tasted of champagne and dreams.

He broke away until our faces were inches apart.

“Beautiful,” He murmured, closing his eyes and letting his lips drift along mine.

“Carrie you know before?” I felt his words rather then heard them. “When I said it’s just for pretend.”

“Yes.” I breathed.

“Can we pretend I didn’t say that?” He let out a little laugh. “I don’t know what it is but when you whacked me on the leg, you seemed to whack yourself permanently into my mind. It’s been barely a day and already I see myself with you, seeing you again and again. Seeing you in my house…seeing you in my bed. Seeing you in a wedding dress. Look what you’ve got me thinking.” He shook his head slightly.

“We only met today Min Ho.” I said hesitantly.

“ I know. I know. We can pretend if you want?” He grinned. “ Carrie will you pretend to go out with me tomorrow? And the day after that and the day after that? Until we can stop pretending.”

“No.” I said.

“No?” He said his face aghast.

“I’m joking,” I laughed. “Yes. Yes I’ll pretend with you.


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Sehun looked up at the sky. The faint blue colour had streaks of pinks and oranges bleeding across the clouds. The sun was setting.

And he was still there, lying on top of the thinning grass at the levelled peak of the small hill at the park. 

That’s where he saw him. The boy named Luhan, walking a medium sized dog with pale white fur.

The dog barked, leaping and galloping across the grass to make his way to the one daydreaming on the ground.

Sehun grunted as weighted paws prodded his body. He sat up, looking at the creature resting in front of him. 

“Ah Max, get back here!” Luhan cried, startled that the dog had done what he had. He skipped after the American Eskimo dog. His face wasn’t the best at hiding his surprise when he saw Sehun, his classmate, settled on the ground.

“Er, Sehun…sorry about Max…” he said softly.

Sehun looked up at the other, noticing that he had died his hair to a sandy, golden blonde, verging light brown. As corny as it may sound, he found it remarkable at how the setting sun reflected off selected golden strands of his hair.

Then, his stomach did an unexpected leap and twist.

Gulping in nervousness, he met Luhan’s eyes. “That’s okay,” Sehun replied shortly, tearing his brown orbs away from the standing boy and looking somewhere else.

Luhan awkwardly pursed his lips, unsure of what to say, “Well then, I’ll…see you at school”

That line almost sounded like an uncertain question. Sehun hummed in agreement, nodding as Luhan and Max the dog jogged off in another direction.

Sehun let out a wavering sigh. He hadn’t realised that he was holding his breath for the longest time. What he did realise was that his heart felt like it had received a sudden jolt.

It was inexplicable what he truly felt in that second when their eyes met. And confusing as to whether Sehun liked it or not.


A school day was always busy and for Sehun, it always made him tired. Especially after lunch.

It was the final lesson of the day and he was exhausted. A shuffling beside him made him straighten up immediately and bulge his eyes for a split of a second when Luhan sat next to.

Luhan’s lips lifted in a small and subtle smile. It was the most innocent thing but definitely refreshing. “Hello Sehun”

Sehun still stared at him quietly. His licked his lips, suddenly feeling thirsty. Knots were being tied deep within him and it set off another round of confusion.

Why was he feeling like this every time Luhan was around? It had never happened before.

Luhan became conscious of the staring and anxiously fiddled with his fingers, then his fraying strings of his worn out tie.

“Is there something on my face Sehun?” he asked. His voice was smooth and calm; satisfying to be listened to by Sehun’s ears.

Sehun’s eyes flickered to look at his face; very clear face. It could have been described as porcelain.

He wondered if it was smooth as it too.

His brain kicked in and realised what he was doing. Coughing meekly, he looked away in front of him. “There’s nothing”

Throughout the lesson, Sehun’s tummy fluttered. The presence of Luhan was shockingly pleasing.

Luhan tapped his shoulder to grab his attention. Sehun turned his head to see a frustrated Luhan. His brows were furrowed and frown lines set on his near flawless face.

“Sehun, do you know the answer to this?” Luhan asked, pointing a sleek pen at his book.

Sehun swallowed his saliva, noting how close Luhan was. He smelt like those cinnamon Danishes that were served at lunch. And his face seemed soft to touch.

Not even noticing it, Sehun’s fingers reached out. The back of them came in contact with a puffy cheek and stroked once.

Luhan froze when this happened. His eyes widened and his mouth agape, lost for wards.

Sehun’s conscience slapped him awake and his hand retracted hastily. His cheeks were flushed and glowing as he stood up, unable to make eye contact with anyone, especially Luhan. It only made it easier for him to rush out the classroom with the teacher shouting after him.


“God, what the hell did I just do?” Sehun screamed at himself. He hid under the bleachers in the school field. He would never be able to face Luhan again. It would kill him of embarrassment.

He slumped on the floor, his hand run scruffily through his hair, clenching at the roots.

“Sehun?” a small voice called his name and Sehun stood up in alarm, knowing exactly who it was.

Luhan stood before him, smiling still after what happened.

“I—er—about that…” Sehun started to mumbled. He felt it again. Those darn butterflies, flitting around his stomach.

“Huh?” Luhan became muddled up by the nonsense words that came from Sehun’s lips.

Sehun sighed in frustration, huffing to himself until his couldn’t take it anymore.

“For god’s sake!” he cried out. His body lunged forward, and then he felt lips. Luhan’s lips.

Their lips pressed lightly against each other, sealing a chaste kiss that sent those butterflies mad and wild.

Sehun pulled back and looked at a surprised Luhan. His words were caught in his throat. What would you say when a boy had kissed you out of nowhere? Sehun looked down, maybe a little disappointed by Luhan’s reaction.

“I’m sorry” Sehun apologised. Just as he was about to leave, a hand stopped him, he turned, facing Luhan again. Sehun looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.

Luhan grinned with his eyes crinkled into crescent shaped.

“I like you Sehun” he said simply yet bluntly. Sehun smiled back, just as brightly, sighing in relief. He wasn’t the only that was feeling puzzled about the other.

Luhan moved closer, placing his shaped, pink lips on Sehun’s, kissing him slowly yet with every emotion he felt for the latter.

Those pesky butterflies returned once again. Sehun smiled against Luhan’s lips, finally realising that it wasn’t the nervousness that caused them, it was Luhan.


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“Let’s play truth or dare,” Ren said suddenly. Everyone perked up at the suggestion and you felt a glimmer of excitement.

“I’ll go first,” You offered. Everyone looked at you wide eyed at the suggestion and you shrugged, not thinking it was a big deal.

“Fine let’s confer,” Baekho drew the others into a circle. You fidgeted nervously as you heard their whispers of ‘no that’s too easy’, and ‘that’d be perfect’. Finally they drew apart and faced you.

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